Friday, November 23, 2007

Gang Rape

I was tired of the normal sex me and my teen gay boyfriend were having. My teen gay friend had an awe-inspiring body, and he sucked cock implausible, but it just didn't satisfy my craving so I thought. I was toying with the idea of a one on one gay sex encounter.

I was a teen gay at my age of 15 years old, but every time I got hit on by a gay man in the gym it excited me. I am a passionate weight lifter, and take good care of myself; I was always getting hit on by gay men. However I was very naive to the gay experience. I didn't know the first thing about getting involved with a gay man. Plus all I wanted was hot gay sex. This sounded good to me, but I was all talk and no action. Until the day I went to an X rated film theater. I was obsessed to porn, and I loved the idea of jerking off in the open.

So one Friday after noon I was feeling horny and firm to drive into the metropolis and go to the adult film theatre and watch porn and jerk off. It was a warm day and I was wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt. I walked into the dim theatre and noticed about four guys extend through out the little theatre. I found a pleasant spot in the corner of the theatre and settled in. I was watching the show and becoming very horny, I pulled my dick under my shorts and started to have fun with it, it was rock solid. Pre-cum was now oozing out, when I noticed a guy sitting 2 seats away from me. It startled me and I stopped playing with my dick. When on my other side I noticed another guy sitting right next to me. I was nervous when the guy sitting next to me reached out and started rubbing my hard on over my cotton gym shorts, he started tugging on it and outlined the form of my cock with his hand. My cock responded with great pleasure and became very hard. Now I am a very brawny guy who is 6ft tall and weigh 235lbs.

But in the dim theater I was frightened of the guy who was sitting next to me and now beginning to feel me up. He now was sucking my ear and telling me to just calm down, as he striped the gym shorts right off of me. The man on my other side moved over to inspect the action, he whispered to the other guy, and said you got a live one here, I was now very worried as the second guy started to pull my t-shirt off my body and begin sucking my nipples. These two guys had me totally naked when a third guy was standing in front of me with a nine inch hard erection. The guy on my right commanded me to start sucking the third guys cock.

When the third guy grabbed my head and forced his cock down my throat. He proceed to fuck my mouth when the first guy started to finger my asshole and the second guy took off his pants. All three guys ordered me to get on my knees around them, they continued to feed me their cocks in a loop as I went around and sucked all three cocks, while my asshole was continuously probed by their fingers. I was hot and my cock was rock hard. I was also very scared as these guys continued to plan their gang bang right in front of me in the theater. The third guy the biggest started to say to his partners, look at this cock sucking whore his cock is hard he is enjoying this, lets give him a real show. He ordered me on my hands and knees.

I knew what was about to occur and there was nothing I could make. When all of a sudden they put tarnished hand chains around my wrist and a gag in my mouth and forced me still naked out of a side door and into a waiting cargo van. We drove a good twenty minutes all the while the tree men telling me I was going to get what I came for. Finally we arrived to an old house and the men hurried me in, locked the entrance and led me to a bed room and throw me in a waiting bed. Still handcuffed, the largest guy started to rub petroleum jelly all over the crack of my ass, all three were naked now.

The third guy told me to get ready to get fucked, and be ready to suck, when that happened, he put is hard cock up in my virgin asshole, I was about to yell out in pain when another cock was forced down my throat. I was now being double teamed by these two strangers. I was cuffed and fucked for the next two hours. These guys used me just like a whore and shot their loads all over me and continued to sexually abuse me. Finally they un-cuffed me and forced me to jerk in front of them, I shot a huge load all over my chest, before I could clean up, these guys were yelling that I did enjoyed their game and gang raped me again.

When the day ended my craving for sex was fulfilled.


jack said...


The JoshMan said...

Man you rock..... I would have done it willingly.

anastacia said...

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murray said...
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murray said...

i would love this to happen to me. it would be so good to have someone penetrate my tight ass. i just want a huge dick up there and a hot load of salty cum in my mouth. even if i do get raped. i would suck and lick their assholes if that is what it takes for them to penetrate me deeply. i dont care if they rip me open i just wanna feel him inside me.

Stephen said...

This can't be true. if it is then my idea of theatre's is one that is very naive. as is i suppose my sexuality. (naive) i relate to you dude in having guys come up to you naked and feeling you and you still didn't get the idea that the smiles and everything meant something else. im pretty naive guys and apparently hot, (never knew) cause have guys and girls hit on me since i was young, starting with my bro deciding i would be his new sex toy, still didn't know what was happening till i finished high school... anyway

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